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Industrial Surplus Solutions, Inc., is a Chicago-based start up venture whose combined leadership brings 100+ years of industrial experience. This experience encompasses distribution, manufacturing, sales, marketing and management, providing an in depth understanding of a complex market and market environment.


Our mission is built on the foundation of our values; honesty, integrity, social responsibility and ethical business practices, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We value our customers, and deliver on our promises, in an effort to create sustainable growth in the industrial community through our services and solutions.


Our primary objective is to combine our industry experience with modern technology, to provide an efficient and cost-effective method for liquidating surplus product. The innovative web-based platform of ISS, Inc., fulfills the unmet need by offering a business-to-business online solution for buying and selling surplus cutting tools. This benefits all levels of the manufacturing community, with a primary focus on manufacturers, distributors and consumers for buying and selling surplus cutting tools. Phase 1 of this strategy focuses exclusively on the indexable carbide insert segment of the market with subsequent phases focusing on other market segments.


Our vision is to be the industrial community’s premier online resource, by building a marketplace that serves as a hub for buying, selling, marketing and exchanging products, ideas and information in the industrial community.