With $526,610 worth of inventory to sell

Press Release

Announcing the Launch of www.toolingmarketplace.com.


Industrial Surplus Solutions, Inc., proudly announces the launch of www.toolingmarketplace.com, the premier online resource for buying and selling surplus cutting tools in the industrial community.

An Industry in Need

According to the 2013 Gardner Publishing Tooling and Workholding Survey, the U.S. Cutting Tool Industry is estimated at $3.6B annually. Within this industry, tungsten carbide inserts represent nearly 26.3% or $950M annually. Additionally, the job shop market, estimated at $1.047B in cutting tool consumption, makes up another 29% of the market. Currently, there is an estimated $1.0B+ in surplus and overstock goods amongst the 1,000+ industrial distribution companies, hundreds of cutting tool manufacturers and countless machine shops in the U.S. market. To date, there has been no effective method to connect buyers and sellers to alleviate this problem... until now.

The Solution

www.toolingmarketplace.com is an innovative and efficient online resource that facilitates the buying and selling of surplus cutting tools. The website was designed specifically for the metal cutting industry, with a user-friendly interface for both the buyer and the seller. The website incorporates a fast and simple process for both uploading surplus inventory and purchasing products, and will set the standard in the industrial metal cutting community for liquidating and purchasing surplus cutting tools. This website does two things – turns surplus stock into pure profit, and offers quality products at a discounted price.

About Us

Industrial Surplus Solutions, Inc., strives to be the industrial community's premier online resource, by building a marketplace that serves as a hub for buying, selling, marketing and exchanging products, ideas and information in the industrial community. Our combined leadership brings 100+ years of industrial experience. www.toolingmarketplace.com is just the beginning.

For more information, please visit www.toolingmarketplace.com or contact us.