With $526,610 worth of inventory to sell

How to Create a Seller Account

Once you have created a user account, and are logged in, select the "Create Account" link on the ToolingMarketplace.com home page, as shown below.

Image 1

Enter the requested information, select an account name and click "Submit". This will establish your selling account.

Image 2

To ship to an address other than the primary address registered, click on the "Shipping Addresses" tab on the top line. Click on the "Add New" tab, where you can then enter an additional shipping address.

Image 3

Once all information is added, click on the "Save New" button to save the additional shipping address.

Image 4

To enter your banking information, click on the "Banking Information" tab.

Image 5

Click the "Update" button, and then enter your bank name, country, routing and account number. Then, click the "Save" button.

Image 6

Your updated Bank Account Information will be confirmed and returned back to you as follows:

Image 7

Your updated Seller Account is now complete and ready for use.