With $526,610 worth of inventory to sell

How to Create a Bulk Item Upload

To list all of your items to post for sale, download the Excel-based ToolingMarketplace Bulk Upload Template to your computer. The data should be in the format shown below:

  • Manufacturer EDP ( If available )
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Grade
  • Insert Shape
  • Insert Size
  • Chipbreaker/Edge Condition
  • Quantity for sale ( full pack sizes only )
  • Sell price (each)

Please notice that the example image of the Excel-based template below includes headers (in yellow). *BEFORE* saving the template to a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file (as described in the next step), you MUST delete the header row. To download an example Bulk Upload CSV file click here.

Image 1

Once the Excel file is complete, save the Excel file to your computer by clicking on the "File", then "Save As" tabs. Name your file using your company name or personal identifier, along with "Bulk Upload" in the File Name. Save the file in the CSV (Comma Serperated Values) format shown below:

Image 2

To download an example Bulk Upload CSV file click here.

Once complete, you are ready for your Bulk Upload protocol.

Under the "Manage Account" tab, click on the "Upload Listing Feed" tab as shown below:

Image 3

You will then be prompted to "Browse" your data to search for the CSV file that you created. Once selected, click on the "Upload" tab.

Image 4

You will see the results of your Bulk Upload momentarily, including an Upload Summary (the number of listings successfully loaded), the number of units and the total listing value. You will also see the items rejected by the ToolingMarketplace.com database, and the reason for the rejection.

Image 5

You can see the data that was successfully processed and loaded by clicking the "Successfully Processed Data" tab.

Your successfully matched items will be listed as shown below. To see the details of this data, click on the "View Details" tab as shown below:

Image 6

Your successfully matched items will be listed as shown below:

Image 7

To complete the Bulk Upload process, click the "Accept" tab and all of your accepted items will be officially posted for sale on ToolingMarketplace.com.

To review the Upload Data Errors, click on the "Upload Data Errors" tab. You will then see the screen as shown below advising you of how many items were not found, and what portion of those items were rejected by the ToolingMarketplace.com database.

Image 8

To review the details of the data errors, click on the "View Details" tab. You will then see the screen as shown below:

Image 9

All Data Errors will be shown with the accepted details of the item highlighted in GREEN, with the Errors highlighted in RED

At this point, you can download all of the data errors by clicking the "Download" tab or send all data errors to the ToolingMarketplace.com management team for approval, using the "Send for Approval" tab.

You should also download the rejected data errors using the "Download" tab, saving this file in order to resubmit the items AFTER they have been verified by the ToolingMarketplace.com management team.