With $526,610 worth of inventory to sell

The benefits of toolingmarketplace.com

Tooling Marketplace

The need in the marketplace for a viable, sustainable and efficient method for surplus liquidation has been substantial. ToolingMarketPlace.com has created a powerful solution that offers our customers the ability to turn surplus stock into pure profit, and to purchase quality products at a discounted price. This benefit reaches all levels of the industrial community.

Industrial distributors

INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS will benefit from ToolingMarketPlace.com as a solution for the accumulated surplus inventory that can result from manufacturers switching from older insert grades to newer versions, or end-users switching manufacturers and/or distributors. Currently, the most commonly used liquidation options are web-based auction sites or scrap dealers that pay $.10 on the dollar. These are neither cost effective, nor efficient, and rarely result in liquidating inventory or generating revenue. ToolingMarketPlace.com allows industrial distributors to easily post their surplus inventory, making it instantly available to a marketplace of potential buyers that they had not previously had access to.

ToolingMarketPlace.com also represents a buying opportunity for industrial distributors that commonly offer integrated supply or commodity management programs. In this system, distributors are commonly requested to provide brands they may not represent, and generally have two choices; to be set up as a "site specific" supplier under the context of being the appointed commodity manager or integrator, or to "second tier" a product by buying it from another distributor that is authorized for that supplier. ToolingMarketPlace.com offers yet another, more efficient and cost effective option. Distributors can search the site for the exact brand, grade, chip breaker, etc., that their customer requires, purchase them at a greatly reduced price and in turn increase their profit on these products and satisfy their customer. A win win solution.

cutting tool customers

CUTTING TOOL CUSTOMERS will benefit from ToolingMarketPlace.com as both buyers and sellers. Like industrial distribution, all end users have accumulated surplus inventory. In the case of the end user, this is caused by a change in a process on a job, changing a supplier or product, or a when the end user loses a customer and his business. In larger job shops, it is not uncommon to see six or seven figures in accumulated surplus. ToolingMarketPlace.com allows the cutting tool consumer to not only search the surplus inventory of the countless others in the industrial community and purchase quality surplus at a significant discount, but also allows them to sell surplus inventory of their own. The result is cost savings for the consumer which produces higher profit margins, as well as a viable way to liquidate their own surplus inventory via an innovative web site designed with an easy to navigate, user friendly interface. It has never been so easy to turn surplus stock into pure profit, or to purchase quality products at such a discounted price.

cutting tool manufacturers

CUTTING TOOL MANUFACTURERS can also benefit from ToolingMarketPlace.com, as surplus inventory is a never-ending battle. While the sale of any surplus or outdated stock could potentially shrink the size of the overall market for their current or new products, manufacturers now have the option of utilizing ToolingMarketPlace.com to efficiently liquidate surplus inventory, as opposed to writing it down or off. The manufacturer can positively impact their bottom line and open a new avenue to reach their target market.