With $526,610 worth of inventory to sell

Payment Terms and Fee Structure

Industrial Surplus Solutions, Inc.

General Matters

For the buyer:
Payment is due upon purchase. Once the buyer has selected an item and placed it in their cart for checkout, the buyer will be responsible to pay for the selling price of the item, and an 8% service fee plus shipping and handling. All monies due will be collected from the buyer at the time of checkout via the TOOLINGMARKETPLACE.COM payment interface, utilizing a credit or debit card. The buyer will have 72 hours after the receipt of the order to notify INDUSTRIAL SURPLUS SOLUTIONS, INC. of any problems with the shipment by contacting us. See our Return Policy for more information.

For the seller:
Once an item as been sold, the seller will be notified via email and provided with a link to generate a packing slip and shipping label. The seller will ship the package to the buyer using the provided materials. Once shipment is confirmed, via electronic signature from the shipping system, payment will be released to the seller electronically (unless otherwise arranged) for the full amount of the sold items, less a 12% commission fee. The net proceeds of the sale, less the commission, will be transferred after a 72 hour hold period to ensure that the buyer is satisfied with the purchase.